Too high a gear, not enough revs.

 At this stage in the project I am finding myself stagnating somewhat. I have researched into many different technologies and alternative ways of doing targeted advertising similar to my last project. At this stage I need to keep in mind that time is marching steadily on so I think it best to re evaluate what i liked about my last project and how I can push forwards. 

For my specialist project I created an alternative advertising campaign featuring QR codes and bus stops. The project received some really positive feedback and I had a great time working on it. I found the subject both relevant and stimulating. Upon reflection of the factors i decided to try and continue my specialist project theme onto my major project. When designing my major project I need to keep in mind what the strength of my specialist project where. I deem my specialist project a success for the following reasons:


  • It was unusual, although the technology was well established the application was not.
  • It was eye catching, the graphics and special effects used jump out at the user.
  • Length, the piece conveyed its aims in a very short period of time.
  • Futuristic, I feel the style and nature of the product seemed fresh.
  • Interactivity, I liked how the project required the viewer to be outside.
  • Challenging convention, the project moved away from traditional video presentation.
  • Relevance, the project had a clear aim and purpose.
  • It had a short and catchy tagline “Digital Vandalism”


I feel keeping these points is in mind when considering how to move forward on my major project. The first thing I want to research is how I might further develop my last project onto another level. The next step will be to research methods of developing my Digital Vandalism concept, with the aim of producing another unusual, memorable piece of video. I do not wish to become bogged down in coding or app creation. While considering different ideas I think I have found an avenue that I would really liek to explore, and one that i feel keeps in mind the points that i have outline above. In my next post I will detail how I began to experiment with this new idea and how I went about beginning my work on it. 



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