Third rig

After my second rig I had established that I could project onto glass and successfully layer another image behind it. With my next rig I wanted to push the concept further still. My installation needs to have a purpose and as of now it is just two screen layered over eachother, the measter stroke here is to add a third element into the mix. This third element could be all manner of things, but for this project I have chosen to add a product in between the sheet of glass and the rear telly; a can of monster energy. Monster energy is a brand I am very familiar with, and for ths project I plan to make an installation based advertisement for it. This seems like a great solution to the problems I faced earlier, and gives me scope to create something that is both visually impressive and also useful in that n promotes a product.

 I made my third rig in my room using my mac as the lower screen because its powerful back light meant it favoured that position. In past I had just used films or whatever is on telly to text out my concept. To progress with the theme of my work I chose to actual create custom elements for both front and rear screens. I made a simple textured animation featuring the monster logo for the back and a fast sparking explosive animation in purple for the front. This finally allowed me to gleam how my project may actually work.

 This rig was essential because it allowed me to measure up and note down all of the various distances and angles featured on a working rig. I measured the distance from the floor in this instance and also measured how high people’s eye level was when they viewed it so that I could extrapolate the data and make the correct sized setup later on.

 The project was now at a stage where I was not only successfully layering two video tracks over one another but I was also successfully animating textures over the front of my product, the video below shows my third rig in action. 


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