The merit of augmented reality and alternate advertising

 The dilemma I find myself in now is how best to push forward with a project that I believe is worthy of my final major. through my past few months of study I have learned that what makes a really interesting/rewarding piece of advertising is something that goes against the grain and captures the attention of the audience. There are so many new and exciting technologies out there at the moment that it can be difficult to know what route to choose and which path to take. 

 One idea discussed in my work sessions with Phil and Mark has been the idea of using RFID tags within a zoo in order to  link videos to enclosures. This way if there was an animal that was in hibernation a video relating to it could be activated via a proximity based technology such as RFID tags. Multiple animals could be chosen and could be filmed at feeding times when they are most active. This Is a good example of how the tags could be used because it focuses upon a very targeted and captive audience. The danger of many QR code projects is that the tags simply sit there, unused, not drawing any traffic to the target web pages and not really  being very useful. By instead using videos linked to specific exhibits it gives the audience a reason and a simple means to activate the technology, The activation of these videos could be controlled via an app that the zoo could either give a free link to or even charge a small fee for so that individuals or families can make use of it every time they go to the zoo. 

 A useful thing to consider when planning this project is that I have actually worked with Marwell zoo in the past by making a short charity film for them in my first year of college. The video was made before  started university and is of a poor quality but here it is anyway, it tells a nice simple narrative about how your pound coin makes a difference;


 Although I feel this is a good use of the technology I do have some doubts in my mind as to weather it is teh perfect final major project or me, I shall detail these thoughts further in future posts. 


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