Second Rig

I trialed my reflection concept with a very simple rig using a piece of glass, a tripod and a television. This allowed me to turn the piece of glass into essentially a screen at 45 degrees. Here is a photo of it operating in the dark. 



 Now as you can see the image is projected clearly on the glass, we can make out three men having a conversation in a kitchen. What  would like to draw your attention to however is the fact that we can also see through the glass and past the image to make out the blinds behind. The fact that we can see both the image on the television and also the space behind the glass has giving me the diea to work on a concept whereby I can combine more than one image. By placing another screen behind the piece of glass I hope to layer two images, and then experiment with the interaction between them. For my next test rig I build a setup downstairs in my conservatory. This setup would allow me to reflect the image off of my own television placed on the floor but also be able to view another television on a table behind it. Here is a picture of my set up;



 You should be able to make out the piece of glass supported between the two pieces of wood. The height and distances used between glass and screens here was done totally by guesswork, with the idea of getting a rough idea of how big i should make future test rigs to fine tune the spacing. Here I have a video of this test rig in action! I was really pleased with the result as I was able to successfully layer two tracks of video with this technique, which is something I really wasn’t sure I would be able to do.

As you can see the image on the glass still looks relatively dim. This is because the back light on the rear television is far stronger than the one of the television positioned on the floor. To remedy this problem i decided I should use the television on the floor, with the weak back light, as the rear screen and that I should use a screen with an extremely powerful back light to mount on the floor and reflect onto the glass. My apple iMac has a 27 inch screen and a very powerful, luminous back light, so in my next test I would attempt to incorporate that into my work and see what results I could find, more detail in next post. 


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