My first practice rig.

 With the idea for a holographic rig starting to take development I started to test out how the project may take shape. I kept an eye out for materials I could use and luckily managed to acquire a pane of glass the correct size (I nicked it out of a skip). With this crucial piece of equipment now firmly in my grasp I set about building my first test rig.

 My first practice rig was a very simple setup just using my tripod and the windowsill of my bedroom. My tripod was perfect for this application as the adjustable leg allowed me to position the glass to any angle I wanted. I used my own flat screen TV as my projection source. By plugging the television into my laptop via a HDMI cable I was able to use the functionality of the image to turn the image on screen upside down, thus negating the upside-down effect that reflecting an image usually gives.

 Here is a photo of my very first simple rig, please excuse the disgusting mould on the walls, all estate agents are in fact the devil incarnate, lets never forget that.


(This room really is a state, apologies to all offended) 

You can see the image on the television weakly reflected onto the glass, this is due to the bright light on my room and the fact that my television has a very dim back light. Already you can see how performing this test is bringing up important issues for me to consider. Although the reflection strength needs boosting you can clearly see that the concept itself works just fine. The film “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” is playing through my laptop and is turned upside down, this is so that when the image is reflected it is flipped and return to being the correct way up. Another way around this problem would simply be to rotate the Television through 180 degrees, the fact that my image is turned upside down and back to front upon reflection is a fact that I will need to keep in mind throughout the project. 

 The next stage is to build another test rig, a better one! 


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