Holographic prototyping

 My new idea is something I am extremely excited about. I am not 100% exactly where the idea came from, I think it must have been a bit f a brainwave mixed in with other influences and ideas that I have worked upon in the past. For my new idea I wish to move away from QR codes and RFID tags and towards a powerful and fun video installation piece. The unique element of my piece is using a glass to reflect an image in a holographic manner. I studied physics at AS level in college so I am quite confident in the principal that I need to apply and that I can take a simple rule of science and turn it into a really cool and exciting piece of digital media to push the boundaries in 2014. 




 Using glass to reflect an image is by new means a new trick, it has been used by everybody from theatre performers to magicians for centuries. My plan is to have my incident rays of light which are attacking the glass plane to have been generated by a screen, so that I can create a holographic video on the plane of glass. This idea came to my by thinking about heads up displays, they are in common use on jet fighters, some cars and also more recently in a small scale on google glass.




Here you can see the cockpit of a jet fighter plane with the heads up display clearly visible, which i have highlighted with a red circle. Fighter planes use it to display important graphics t the pilot whilst also allowing them an unobstructed view. It is the unostructed view as the information displayed that is going to open up all kinds of new options to me with regard to the type of video installation that  can design. 


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