Feedback from first crit

When presenting my first powerpoint some really interesting ideas and topics of discussion came up. One very important aim was how to push the project forward on a more commercial basis. Although they were perfect for my last project there is suggestion that QR code use is in decline and that slowly over time people are bothering to activate them less and less. This of course then naturally raises question over if it is an approprate technology to be using for my project, which is supposed to lie within the cutting edge of technology, this is DMP after all! 

Here are a fea rticles I looked at when researching around the effectiveness of QR codes in 2014:


The latter of the two articles i just posted mentions alternatives to QR codes I have quoted the section of the article where that is discussed below; 

What are the other options for creative digital marketing?

1)   Alternate reality experiences. These also require a downloaded app, but allows for a much richer experience. These are becoming more popular with companies that want better consumer engagement and have creative marketing schemes.

2)   Universal Product Code (UPC). These are the standard bar codes on most items available for purchase, and can also be used for presenting information to consumers with a scanning device. 

3)   Near Field Communication (NFC). These are smartphones / similar devices that establish radio connection by touching together or close proximity.

4)   Gee.Am. This is a creative way for people or advertisers to transfer data to their mobile devices via audio signals.

 Another alternative technology that was discussed during my presentation was the idea of RFID tags. These radio frequency emitting devices emit signals which can be tracked with a smart phone and could be manipulated and used in a similar manner to my QR codes technique. The main am of my research currently is to find out new technologies and move away from the use of QR codes in my project.

 I gained some very useful from Mark Sheldon in this study session. he discussed exhibitions he had seen whereby you could travel around a supermarket and scan shelves with your smartphone. Information such as nutrition, price and other products you might enjoy could then be explained. The main bulk of this work is trying to find a new way to use the idea of proximity-based entertainment and information technology services to create Something new and unusual for my major project. During our discussions we also touches briefly on where advertising is moving forward to and a new initiative called Sky Ad smart was mentioned as a brand new alternative advertising service. 



This video really efficiently and succinctly explains what sky adsmart is all about:

The next step for me is to think of a variety of ideas and different avenues I could go down with my work.


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