Overall I really am thrilled with this project if I’m honest. For a very long time I was unsure of where I wanted to go and exactly what avenue wanted to pursue so when I finally settled on the holographic glass idea I really was happy to be able to immerse myself in the project. my main aim was to create an unusual advertisement for monster with this piece and I feel I achieved that goal. The Rig itself heavily features the monster energy branding which i feel is important to constantly remind people of the purpose of the piece. The energy of the video is very high which again reflects the brand and I think I succeeded in giving the work a futuristic feel. Having said that I think there is loads more that could be done with this technology. Being able to put a product or set in between the glass and teh rear screen is the most powerful feature of this set up. The ability to combine digital with real life creates a very intriguing effect that could work for all sorts of applications.

 A miniature theatrical set could be put behind the glass and characters projected onto it, the set could even be movable by utilizing a technology such as arduino. I think key to doing something like this would be improving the physical appearance of the rig. Instead of my current configuration it would be great to have one large enclosure, almost like an arcade machine in that you could just view the action through a window. This would also hide a lot of the equipment the piece needs to function, thus ensuring the user’s attention would be firmly on the action. I think this is a really exciting technology with a lot of scope for the future and I would love to persue working on this in a professional manner. 

 I feel I tackled the challenges presented to me well. Quite a difficult element of this project was being able to visualise how the technology would work but also how it could best be utilised. Dreaming up effects that span over two screens was what really got me excited about this project in the first place, and having the opportunity to do that was something I absolutely loved working on. 



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