Building my final rig

 Building my final rig was a case of carefully looking at the measurements and drawings I had done after my tests and then creating a sturdy frame to support the various elements. i used the workshop to create my two initial arms and saw the slots that the glass would fit into. It became clear upon trying to support the glass in the slots that the pane of glass would simply slip out of the bottom if not supported in some way. To solve the problem I purchased two clamps that could clamp onto the glass just above the slots in the wood. This turned out to be quite a useful solution as it allowed me to easily change how low down on the rig the glass was sitting. Having said that the clamps were not ideas as far as aesthetics were concerned and in future I would much prefer to build an enclosure in which the glass could sit more securely. 

 Once the arms to support the glass were made I took them home and proceeded to build a frame around them which would support my mac and also add rigidity to the arms so that the glass did not have a chance to fall out. I spray painted an MDF panel black and applied a Monster Logo to the front in order to make the piece more aesthetically pleasing and to direct the viewers attention to the glass. I made the stand for the television the precise height that would line up with the glass and used an MDF base to ensure it was not likely to topple over. 

 The construction mainly involved just getting the correct sized pieces of wood and then drilling pilot holes and screwing the structure together. It presented an unusual and enjoyable challenge as I have not done installation or woodwork on the course before. The final result is definitely a prototype style of rig however it does its job well and is very stable. 

 Seeing as i took quite a lot of photos I made a gallery you can have a scroll through to see some behind the scenes: –



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