Post Production: Additional Info

Right from the start of my post production i knew that i wanted to present a varied scope of animation. I feel that my final pieces of video reflect this. Due to the large amount of referencing to my project file i need to do in this section i feel it is best to present my ideas to you in the form of a video blog. Screen recordings with commentary on my post production phase can be found on above posts.


One element that I forgot to cover in my voice recording and would like to briefly describe is the reasoning behind my stylistic choices. I used a variety of techniques and colour ranges but most important to me was consider the functionality of my designs. You will notice that the text I use on animations is quite large and oversized compared to the size i would normally use. The reasoning behind this is that I am aware my animations are likely to be viewed on a smartphone screen. The relatively small dimensions of this screen mean that i wanted to ensure my message could both be easily read and quickly understood by the audience. This is the reason i tried to make my animations quite visual with very few words. An example of this is my Lloyds TSB advert in which the hearts and smiley faces appear. Although they do not look overly aesthetically pleasing they do put across the message that i want to convey extremely quickly.

The music i used was from a producer i am friends with called kaiben. The track is available for free download here:



Additional stills taken during production:



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