Post 7: Bus stop filming

Once i was happy with exactly how i wanted my final piece to look and what i went along the locations i needed to shoot i went about preparing my shoot. I needed the footage to be nice and crisp for several reasons. Firstly I do pride myself on the quality of my video work and if members of the public were going to be scanning my digital vandalism stickers then i wanted them to feel they were viewing a quality piece of work when it loads up on screen. High quality footage was also going to important as i knew my videos would feature an awful lot of tracking, this effect works best with nice sharp footage and clear tracking points.


I chose to film using my CanonD600 and also a 24-105mm lens that i borrow from the store. I was careful to set up my shots carefully for each location using a white balance and lowest F-stop possible on the camera. Due to the outdoor filming conditions i was able to film at ISO100 which gave me clear, crisp 1080p footage with minimal graining. I decided to film shots with movement and static shots. I did this so that if i could not apply the tracking to my shots with movement then i could instead revert back o my static shots.


Filming in public is always an interesting challenge in itself. Over the duration of the course i have found that when filming in public it does tend to draw an awful lot of attention. The amount of attention drawn does tend to  increase with the size of the rig one is using to film. For example a Large DSLR setup with tripod will draw a lot more attention that filming with a phone or ipod. This may seem a very obvious and unusual thing to blog about however i have found that keeping focused on ones objectives and shot list can be very important. Often the pressure of the public staring at you can result in a compromise of quality on the filming. The filming for this shoot was i feel a good example as when taking shome shots of the bus stops people were wanting to use them, resulting in me cutting my shot short and giving me postproduction issues further down the line.


I was using a very lightweight and quick style of filming. With my locations being sread quite far apart I actually travelled round on my trusty bicycle. By doing this I managed to film all of my various bus stop locations within the time span of a few hours.



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