post 6: Beginning Production

When moving on to production the first thing i had to consider was the loctions that i may wish to use. The earlier stages of my project focusing on billboards meant that i had already done some quite extensive reconnaissance on areas of bournemouth that had bus stops with posters attached. My choice of bus stop for use in the final piece was influenced by a variety of factors. Firstly i wanted to make sure my QR codes would be placed on either frequently used bus stops or areas of high pedestrian traffic. Reason being there is little point in creating  campaign such as this if it is situated in a place where t will not see any use. For example setting this up in the village where i was raised would have been quite a massive waste of time, one bus every three hours would not have let getting my digital vandalism page many views!


Another thing to keep in mind whilst choosing bus stops was the kind of adverts i would have liked to parody and animate over. There wasn’t a huge selection of different companies displaying so it was not a case of choosing the most evil corporation from a line up however i did make the decision early that i would steer clear of posters with films, plays ect as they did not ft the theme of my campaign.


You can never tell what may happen in post production. I knew i wanted three of 4 working locations and keeping this in mind i filmed 7 different bus stops with a variety of shots. This enabled me to choose the shots that would work best n after effects in the edit. One small mistake a made during filming was that since i knew my animations would be about 10-15 seconds long most of my shots really only held position for about 15  or so second. Speaking evaluatively i should have filmed at least 30 or so seconds in order to leave plenty of space to fade the clips in and out and gve me some leeway to remove anomalies. This lack of foresight became apparent on the “Pug” animation, shown second in the final film. In reaction to not having enough footage i had to create a freeze frame at the end of the animation to ensure the viewer had enough time to take in the image. This looked fine in the final cut but not ideal. Once I had decided exactly which billboards i wanted to film i was really able to focus on attention on the technicalities of creating my animations.


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