Post 3: Beginning my Research

Project Aims:


What might I like to focus on?






Anti- Branding Campaigns


Street Art-Into Digital Street Art   ( create graffiti at home on your computer )


Fun animation ideas, for example. People you don’t like explode.


Annoying corporate brands removed/altered.


Relevant/Interesting Links:


Paper on the subject:


How internet is becoming a powerful advertising tool


Poor business practice and lack of morality. Brands like Abercrombie –


Homeless Abercrombie –


Angry consumers, twitter –


Intertesting blog post related to the subject –


Culture Jamming –


Really Cool anarchistic style of animation.

What wikipedia has to say on the subject:

More culture jamming examples


Brandalism, film, absolutely perfect


Wealth Inequality In America


Film relating to poverty:


Quick post-research thoughts


I must decide exactly what message i am trying to portray.


Use of advertising techniques to spread the word, making use of their tools however using an anti brand message in order to raise awareness. With relation to fast food restaurants perhaps consider a war on waste. Bring in the idea of advertising being almost subliminal and how we could raise awareness or combat it.


Use of animation techniques and motion graphics in order to create and eye catching and powerful motion graphic. Use of social media in a similar way to brands, use of very short video to stir up interest.


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